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President Nancy Corner



Apr 22, 2014
Laurie Thomas, Special Deputy County Clerk
History of the one room school houses in Cape May County
Apr 29, 2014
[tentative] John Rechner
Cape May County Consumer Affairs, will speak on important issues affecting consumers
May 06, 2014
Jacqueline Meiluta Excutive Director
Volunteers in Medicine of Cape May County

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Member Birthdays:
  • Emily Paul
    April 2
  • Ron Williams
    April 17
  • Dave Burke
    May 23
  • Crys Papperman
    May 29
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  • Rachell Diaz
    April 3, 2013
    1 year
  • Chick Mears
    April 25, 1968
    46 years
  • Tom McColl
    May 1, 1988
    26 years
  • Rita Fulginiti
    May 13, 2013
    1 year

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Welcome to Our Club Chartered April 23rd 1968

Mid Jersey Cape

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Wildwood Golf Country Club
1170 Golf Club Road
Cape May Court House, NJ  08210
United States
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See article in the March issue of the Rotarian about the growth of grassroots libraries, well in four to six weeks MJC Rotary will be in the lending library business.  We will need a location to install this and several others that are being made.

Please Note Speaker Assignments Have Changed

If you are the Program Chair please have your speaker information posted six [6] weeks before your month.  Why? This will allow us to have the information posted in local newspapers. 
Speaker assignments have be assigned thru the end of July 2014, since our membership has expanded you will only be responsible for two [2] to three [3] speakers per year.




Online Registration Open for Yard Sale & Car Show April 19





Rotary launched three new sites this month that can help you strengthen Rotary’s image, advocate for a polio-free world, and celebrate the successes of Rotary’s 2012-13 fiscal year:

  •  -- Find everything you need to create club and district communications that reflect Rotary’s new look and feel at . The site is home to Rotary logos, templates, ads, images, videos, and more. Sign in to your My Rotary account and start exploring today.
  •  -- It’s easier than ever to add your name to a petition, sign up for polio eradication updates, and join the World’s Biggest Commercial on the updated . You can also read stories from supporters across the globe, or share your own!
  •  -- See highlights of Rotary’s 2012-13 fiscal year, including our progress on eradicating polio and new grant activity at . You’ll also find financial reports and graphs that show how our funding is helping to create positive change around the world.

Rotary News


  1. This Rotary president first was a newspaper Reporter in Denver. Who was...?
  2. 23 February 1905.  What was....?
    1. The Charter Night Dinner for Rotary Club of Chicago?
    2. Paul Harris' Birthday?
    3. The night four men decided to start an organization in Chicago?
    4. The First Regular meeting of Rotary Club of Chicago?
  3. A 1900 Walk after dinner by Paul Harris.  What was...?
    1. The Day Paul Harris' Grandfather died?
    2. The inspiration for Rotary?
    3. Paul's cure for irregularity?
    4. A desperate attempt to find legal work?
  4. Cowboy, Desk Clerk, Marble Salesman, Actor, Merchant Seaman, Fruit Picker. What were...?
    1. The fifth through the tenth members of the first Rotary Club?
    2. Classifications not included until after the convention of 1922?
    3. Paul Harris' jobs between 1891 and 1896?
    4. Occupations not thought to be good material for Rotary membership?
  5. This early Rotarian was secretary of Rotary International for 32 years. Who was...?
    1. Paul Harris?
    2. Chesley R. Perry?
    3. Arch Klumph?
    4. Herb Taylor?
  6. This famous Rotarian was expelled from a university.  Who was....?
    1. Paul Harris?
    2. Chesley Perry?
    3. Arch Klumph?
    4. Herb Taylor?
  7. The First Club, in a community of less than 100,000 population.  What is…?
    1. Chicago?
    2. Dallas?
    3. San Antonio?
    4. Pueblo?
  8. $26.50 from Rotary Club of Kansas City in 1917. What started the…?
    1. World War I relief fund
    2. Rotary staff retirement program
    3. First District conference budget
    4. The Rotary Foundation
  9. The First President of "Rotary." Who was…?
    1. Chesley Perry?
    2. Paul Harris?
    3. Harry Ruggles?
    4. Sylvester Schiele?
  10.  Give service to your customers and you'll make more money. What was the…?
    1. Four Way Test?
    2. The "Business Sharing" in early Rotary Clubs?
    3. "Fred" Sheldon's business philosophy?
    4. A violation of the "Rotary Code of Ethics?"
  11. Arch Klumph. Who was a…?
    1. Manufacturer who donated shoes to victims of polio?
    2. (the) First District Governor from the original district?
    3. (is) a present RI Director?
    4. Past RI President from Cleveland, credited with starting the Rotary Foundation
  12. Ann Brunier and Ann Gundaker. Who were the first…?
         1. Women members of Rotary International?
         2. Women Presidents of Rotary Clubs?
         3 . Rotaryanns?
         4. Woman District Governors?
  13. Bonus Questions:
  14.        What was the world's first non English speaking Rotary Club? The Answer is at Minneapolis #9
  15.        Answers will be available at the January 7 2014 Meeting

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